Wednesday, 23 March 2016


duncan smith cameron work from robin bale on Vimeo.

So the sanctimonious slapheaded twat now claims to have a conscience  that has revolted at the things he appeared previously to be doing with some gusto. Who knows if it's true? Who cares?

But anyway, just in case anyone feels the tiniest sliver of empathy for the prick (unlikely, I know) - here's a video I made a few years ago of him trying to justify his "Work Programme" slave labour initiative. It might sound more familiar in German. I'm not saying that he's a nazi, or not consciously anyway; he's just obviously historically illiterate, perhaps.

There's some Cameron in there too (I think that it was his post-riots statesman act) for added emphasis and colour.

Saturday, 12 March 2016


My performance from last December at the Dungeons of Polymorphous Pan. In case you are wondering, aqua tophana was a poison believed to work so insensibly slowly that it was indistinguishable from old age. It was also meant to be so virulent that a single drop could poison the entire sea. It actually does have some historical basis, in that there was a famous manufacturer of that  poison, Giulia Tofana - so it is in fact a brand name.  I've always enjoyed the idea that we have all been poisoned by it - which is why we don't live forever.

The stick that you can see me holding is an improvised bass - it had machine heads strung with fishing line, an empty can for a resonating chamber and a contact mic for amplification. It was rather microphonic, so you can hear my voice coming through it into the effects pedal it was attached to as well. Unfortunately, it didn't survive the night but mark II will make its appearance sometime soon I hope.