Thursday, 1 September 2011

Performance in the arctic circle - part 1

Cracks/Tracks from robin bale on Vimeo.

Behind the town hall in Gallivare, Swedish Lapland July 23 2011. Part of Tomma Rum residency. Part 2 of this performance (unfortunately recorded on a laptop webcam due to battery issues with the camera used for this section) forthcoming.

Monday, 18 July 2011


The imagery here is taken from the wall of incantations and tutelary animals in the Bike Cemetery, created by anonymous. The additions are Breakfast Raven, a chthonic deity alluded to, but not directly pictured on the wall, and the Weeping Surveyor - an avatar of Adam after the Fall and Expulsion, who obsessively measures and builds, but cannot face looking at his own work.

Untitled from robin bale on Vimeo.

The sound was recorded live at the JAM conference at Reading University on 6th May this year, my voice was looped digitally. The text is from the incantations/spells on the Bike Cemetery walls.

Sunday, 23 January 2011


There may, at some future point, be a video for this piece. Not a video of me standing there doing it, but a selection of words and images tangentially, or not, related to it. However, I'm having some difficulty for some reason with any of my video editing packages - which is very frustrating.

It may very well be that video documentation for what I've been doing is superfluous, anyway. I need to think about this.

This was recorded in stereo on a Zoom H2 pocket recorder, and the sound was manipulated live via the wonderful Elottronix VST in VSTHost. The quality would have been a lot better if I'd sorted the levels beforehand - but there you go.